What is VUMA ?

 Vukani Ma Afrika or VUMA is a brand that serves the community needs. We offer different services that build to create a safer community.  We believe in creating opportunities for young people living in townships.

 Im Buhle, and I have a love for cinema. Growing up it would sadden me that there were no cinemas in my township for myself and friends to watch the latest blockbusters on the circuit. It got me thinking and trying to figure out a way to brig films to the youth living in rural and urban South Africa. That is where Vukani Ma Afrika was born. I wanted to give back to my community and to allow them to experience the world through the joy of cinema. Coming out of VUMA Pop Up Cinemas I was trying to find ways to fund my project as well as educate people and this is where I decided to offer the bin cleaning services to supplement the costs of putting on the films.

We host township cinema , allowing films to be accessible in townships and rural communities across South Africa. Films can inspire and educate people. The hosting spaces are also a place for youth to engage and discuss topics which are coming up in their communities. Whilst enjoying a movie with us, we also offer refreshments which are on sale throughout the screenings.

Cleaning Bins at a small fee to bring awareness about hygiene and create  empowerment to the youth. This part of the business also serves as an incoming generation process which helps keep the Pop Up Cinema going and also helps it remain independent.